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NFT   Art Studio

NFTs for a better World!


About BabLuvAndBob NFT Studio

BabLuvAndBob NFTs is a digital art studio founded by a team of crypto enthusiast. Our vision is to empower new artist talent while endeavouring to support African charitable organisations by launching collectible NFTs on blockchains. Join the cause now!


Our Story

In the developing world the legacy systems are incompatible with decentralized systems. Our goal is to decentralize microfinancing and payments in Africa by educating local artists and charity organizations on how to tap into the Blockchain, ease access of funds and reduce transaction fees to a minimum.


Our Charity partners

Image by Tezos


Q4 2021

Establish Team, Identify projects and partners.

Q1 2022

Develop Artwork, Create website, start market campaigns.

Q2 2022

Post Whitepaper,

1st project Drop,

Develop digital art gallery.

Identify new projects

Launch 1st art workshop.

Q3 2022

Develop Artwork, conduct workshops, Announce 2nd project. Launch Digital Art Gallery


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